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Local attractions and activities


Prince Albert is one of those hidden gems where the more you explore the more things you find to do. Whether it is buying the local produce from the farmers such as figs and cheeses, taking hikes through the Swartberge or trying to satisfy your craving for the arts at the towns very own performance arts theatre. Prince Albert is there to be explored. 

The Showroom Theatre

The Showroom Theatre is one of the latest attractions. This world class theatre and cinema situated in the small karoo town of Prince Albert and is an experience not to be missed. 

Every week there are performances by local and award winning national artists as well as screening of movies on selected days.

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Star Gazing

If you are spending time in Prince Albert, why not try something different and book a star gazing tour.The dark, clear skies of Prince Albert are a perfect place to start star gazing. Ask Leoni or Johan about bookings and discovering the heavens above.

Swartberg Hikes and Moutain bike trials

Prins Albert is a hikers and mountain bikers paradise. With many routes to choose from,  trips through the Swartberg is definitely a must.

The trip from the Swartberg pas into Die hell is one of the areas most renowned races and they are not for the feint of heart. For those wanting a smoother trip and to just enjoy the scenery a ride/hike through the Swartberg nature reserve and to the Gamka Dam is highly recommended.

The Ghost walk

When Queen Victoria agreed in 1845 that a tiny village in the Karoo should be named after her consort, Prince Albert – she could never have guessed that one day he would also give his name to the Prince Albert Ghost Walk.


The Prince Albert Ghost Walk is one of South Africa's loveliest, because not only are the ghosts all amiable and approachable, but you'll also walk through little streets unchanged over the centuries, past buildings full of history, amid the beauty of this Karoo village.


Ask Leoni and Johan for more information


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